no one in the world needs a rhino horn but a rhino


date: TBA (jul, aug or oct)

time: 18:00

venue: TBA

book before 31 May and receive 10% discount on a standard ticket

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Dark Chocolate Chunks

coffee, chocolate and gin pairing 

taste the infusion of love

if you’re looking to change that tired gin and coffee routine, try pairing it with chocolate instead


a semi formal evening were you will explore all the flavours and how it goes together. the evening include a supper and lots of fun


all proceeds go to DANCING FOR RHINOS


our beneficiary


dancing for rhinos is a non-profit company that focuses on awareness, education, research, protection, orphan and survivor care for our rhinos

dfr strive to reach and involve as many people as possible in supporting them in this endeavour and believe that passion, commitment, knowledge and the right strategy can be the turning point for the survival of our rhinos

dfr believe in sincerity, transparency and team work. every single life counts, let us be that change



coffee and chocolate are a natural, delectable pairing. done right, this combo can make the finest chocolate taste richer and the highest quality coffee feel like drops of sweet silk in your mouth

done wrong, it can taste like a mouthful of dirt. to get the optimal pairing, you need to understand the flavour, acidity, and textural components of both your coffee and your chocolate and how they interact


gin is made from neutral grains such as rye, barley, wheat and corn. The flavour of gin is more herbal and dry, and the primary “defining flavour” comes from juniper berries, thus the “piney” aroma and taste. Gin’s dry profile makes it an ideal candidate for pairing with lighter fruits, which naturally work well with herbs

a milder gin pairs particularly well with white chocolate. the herbal notes of juniper can add a layer of depth to mild white chocolate, complimenting one another without being overwhelming

stronger scented floral gins like ‘bloom’ need a more distinct contrast in order to keep the flavour profiles off both the gin and the chocolate intact. white and milk chocolate are both a bit too delicate for stronger gin blends; the cocoa flavour is lost and just sweetness remains. although a higher cocoa content dark chocolate can hold its own, neither overpowering or being overpowered by the gin – complementing each other perfectly

silent auction

we will have a silent auction on the night were you can buy some art and other items

if you have any pieces that you would like to donate for the auction please contact us


the complete sales value of the silent auction will go to DFR

Framed Paintings
Wedding Table Set


we are still looking for a venue to come onboard for this event. if you have a venue that can seat about 100 people with a dance floor/stage and would like to join us for this event please contact us

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