Helping to provide your delegates with the best possible experience

We understand every conference is different. Some are larger than others and some are longer than others.

Regardless of these differences there’s one thing that remains consistent – making sure your guests feel 100 per cent welcome by providing them with the refreshments they require.

We specialise in providing a fully coffee bar service and barista hire for conferences

Our conference packages are designed to achieve one thing – serve high quality coffee efficiently.

We can provide you with any number of mobile coffee bars and baristas to ensure your delegates are provided with beverages, ranging from coffee, hot chocolate and speciality teas – when they need them, and just how they like them.

For instance, if you need every guest to be served with a fresh cup of coffee during a break, we’ll make it happen. And if you require a more consistent free-flowing service, our baristas will be on hand to provide service with a smile all day long.

We can serve up our quality products at any conference location

You can rely on us to operate at any venue and set up wherever best suits your event.

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