Let us help establish your coffee business 


Looking to set up a coffee brand?

Then let us help you get set up 

Our two decades of sourcing, roasting and blending expertise all happens in our facility. That means your coffee is stored, roasted, packed and distributed with strict quality control measures and with the necessary protocol in place for any recall situations. 
We offer a range of contract roasting options, including:


If you have your own supply of green coffee beans, then we can offer a storage and roast-on-demand service. Our facility has the capacity to receive your green coffee delivery, and then have your coffee stock stored within your own dedicated space and roasted on demand to your specific profile requirements.


Using our extensive network of green coffee contacts in the industry we can assist you to source green beans and arrange for delivery and storage to our warehouse. Our decades of experience in sample roasting and tasting green coffee samples can be put to great use when deciding which origin, estate or grade to purchase to achieve the taste profile you desire. Once your beans are sourced we will maintain stock and roast to your requirements. Coffee can be either packed in bulk bags or tubs for you to package off site, or we can pack into clean-skin or your own branded packaging.



Our full-service partnership is where we will help you source green beans, and work together with you to develop blends to fulfil your taste profile requirements. Once your selection of green beans is decided upon, we can offer full stock management, ordering and receipt of your green beans where they will be stored within our roasting facility. Roasting is then carried out when required and coffee packaged into bulk tubs or bags, or directly into either clean-skin or your own branded packaging.


We have access to a huge range of quality coffee packaging options; including one-way valve, 
zip lock, compostable, stand up pouch or side gusset in a range of colours and sizes.

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