private or corporate labels

  • roasting small to large batches for private labels across south africa

  • creating propriety profiles

  • white label coffee

profile development

  • experience and knowledge allow us to develop a profile for you

  • our profile development include a multi stage process, i.e.consultation, bean selection, initial profile development, cupping, testing, refinement

benefits of contract roasting

  • no large scale capital investment on equipment

  • easy scalable when your business grow

  • access to roasting experience and knowledge

  • allow you to focus on your brand


  • roasting and packing work on a sliding scale of 500kg green bean weight per month - from R28* / kg

  • min of 15kg batches

  • profile development - R2800*

  • green beans, packaging and labelling for own cost

*cost exclude VAT

 how does it work

  • we provide a roasting and packing service

  • you provide us with the green beans and packaging and we do the rest

  • your profile is saved on our system to provide you with consistent coffee


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