keep your coffee fresh - use a FRESH CLIP

the best way to keep your coffee beans fresh is to use one of our FRESH CLIPS at room temperature. keep the coffee away from the sun, heat and any moisture

Cabin Coffee Fresh Clip

once you open up your bag of coffee the same oxygen rules apply plus a few others. so, fresh roasted coffee stays optimally fresh anywhere from 3 days to 2 weeks after its roasted.

the reason for this because opening the coffee bag does not increase the time it takes for coffee to lose its peak freshness with the exception that, if not stored properly, oxygen it getting to the coffee beans and therefore quickening the rate at which the coffee will lose its freshness

once you open up your bag of coffee the same oxygen rules apply plus a few others

so, if you open your bag within that 2 week after roast period, then I would tell you keep in that same coffee bag but sealed as well as you can

the reason goes back to the degassing and you will need to allow it to continue to de-gas while minimizing the amount of oxygen getting to the coffee

this is were the CABIN COFFEE FRESH CLIP come in. the clip seal you coffee bag so no air can come into the the bag. as you still keep your coffee in the same bag, any air that build up in the bag will escape via one way valve

the screw cup is to make life easier when you want to get to fresh coffee to enjoy a cup. remove the cup, pour out the amount of coffee you need. put the cup back and your bag is sealed again

still in prototype we are busy in production to make a few. it will retail at R183

stay tuned, we will make it available online as soon as we have them in stock

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