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weekends are usually the focal point of a person's week. outings get planned, ideas become daydreams and recreation gets grouped. we are a culture that lives and dies by our weekends. this was not true for the last year during the covid pandemic, the normal was to stay at home, keep yourself safe. well now that you can move around again and get to your favoured coffee spot, weekends starts to feel normal again

in the same way, there's a coffee establishment in hennopspark area that seems to evoke thoughts of freedom and being normal. nestled in the industrial area exists a cozy outpost called cabin coffee, a beautifully-designed coffee roaster serving up pretorias' best coffee to eager clients that want to feel good, alive and just be normal again. first walking in, the factory shop feels small but sits to the left, flanked by large glass windows and antique art (that is for sale at really good prices) hanging on the walls

as for coffee, you can order any coffee that you feel like. the baristas will make it with the coffee of the day. they change their coffee everyday so that who ever visit their shop get a chance to experience all their coffees. the coffees are freshly roasted to perfection

while you are at cabin coffee they will discuss their coffees and what makes them so unique. with rustic brand and believing in the absolute best, they roast their coffee to extract only the best flavours out of the coffee bean.

as a roaster (and not a coffee shop as some believe), were you get the best coffee available, they do not have a kitchen and do not serve food. that does not really matter, as coffee and frineship is what it is all about. open on saturday mornings, make sure you make the time to enjoy a cup at this award winning roastery. like all their current clients, you will always go back for another cup, as you will not get it the same any were else.

see you there as we will go back again.

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