Colombia - 1kg - Medium Roast

Huila (Excelso) is located along the Eastern borders of Cauca and Tolima and nestled on the Andean Eastern and Central Cordilleras (mountains) in Southwestern Colombia. Much of the landscape in Huila is

dominated by the snow-capped Nevado del Huila volcano, which at close to 7,000 meters in elevation is Colombia’s second highest peak. 

Huila’s location, altitude, rich volcanic soils and a year-round average temperature of 65° F make it an ideal place for growing coffees with excellent attributes. 

Since most of the coffee in Huila, and in Colombia for that matter, is produced in small farms, Colsuaves sources most of its coffee from mills and producer groups in the region. These coffees are usually pulped, washed and sun dried in the farms before being pooled together into larger lots. 

Colsuaves’ Huila beans are carefully sourced, sorted and milled to guarantee our customers the clean, balanced, fruit-driven and sweet coffees Huila is known for.

Colombia - 1kg - Medium Roast


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