Rent to Own your Coffee Machine

Through our Finance company, we can offer our clients a variety of affordable rental options depending on their needs. Renting is an affordable means of financing capital equipment without blowing your cash flow.

To assist you we have summarised the salient points of the rental option:

  • Monthly rental of capital equipment is an affordable option allowing you the use of the equipment without any capital outlay.

  • Rentals are 100% tax deductible as an operating expense thereby minimizing income tax obligation.

  • Payment of VAT up front is avoided and thus is not capitalised over the period of the agreement. The customer will be entitled to claim monthly VAT payments made.

  • As rentals are totally “off balance sheet” current and return on asset ratios are improved. Rentals are shown as an operating expense in the income and expenditure statement and not as a current liability.

  • Rentals may be escalated on an annual basis, thereby reducing initial costs and linking rental payments to inflation.

If you are interested complete the form below and we will assist you in making the correct decision on your equipment.

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All our Rent To Own Equipment is Financed by Highland Financial Serices. Companies must be 2 years or older to aplly for Rent to Own Finance.

T&C's apply.

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